We designed more than 500 labels.

Some people argue that the numbers don’t matter, when we talk about creative work, but our more than ten years experience in the label and packaging design make us pretty sure we’re able to formulate the solution you’re searching for. We’re mainly focused on the agro-food and wine sectors and we satisfied the needs of different markets and various kinds of companies, from large scale retail trade to the niche products business.


We can see beyond the computer screen.

Label is the product’s dress. Knowing the history of fashion design is not enough, if you want to create a great dress. You should be acquainted with the fabrics, their properties, the cut and sewing techniques. Our detailed knowledge of the different kinds of surfaces, coatings, varnishes and foils and a constant updating about printing techniques allow us to effectively forecast our projects’ outcomes before they get transferred from screen to paper.


Creativity and communicative effectiveness.

Researchers in anthropology, psychology and neuroscience have been unsuccessfully trying to get to the bottom of creativity. A careful analysis of the product, the company, the target and the market positioning and a deep knowledge of the visual language and its functions. We don’t know where creativity originates, but we know exactly where communicative effectiveness come from.


A good designer can create a beautiful label. If you need a label that works, you’d better turn to a specialist.

The die cut design, the color coordination, the relationship between the graphic elements and the font choice make the difference between a predictable label and a tailor – made dress which can enhance your product’s appeal and communicate its value. According to the current regulations labels and packaging must include information about origin, composition, processing and nutritional value of the product but the essence of this information should reach the customer before he starts to read, through colors and shapes. Dressing up a product is useful to draw the attention of a specific target group, offering a taste of the colors and aromas stored in the package, evoking the atmosphere of the place of origin and the producer’s philosophy..


A label which is considered cool in Australia may be catastrophic for the Chinese market.

Maybe beauty is a universal concept in art, but not in branding and advertising communication. A product name which is considered poetic and graceful in Spanish may sound like a bad word in German and a color which is seen as elegant in the West, may evocate harmful events in the Eastern world. A Russian and an French have got two different concepts of the Italian spirit and the notion of tradition may attract a certain target group but it could be boring for another customer base. An organic product should be recognized by the packaging style and just later by stickers and seals and a budget line may be distinguishable from an high-end line without looking cheap. Our way of working, based on research, enables us to switch easily between the specific codes of the various markets and their different segments.

  • Fanoi
  • Lingue di Terra
  • Le Stadère Catha Suri
  • Le Stadère Apa Nacna
  • Le Stadère Sestile
  • Rampino Olio EVO
  • A la fì Olio EVO
  • Amativo XX Vendemmia
  • Piana del Lentisco
  • Gibò Water
  • Gibò Energy Drink
    Gibò Energy Drink
  • Cardone Packaging
  • Zefira
  • Birra Ottavia
  • Teresa Manara
  • Vlak Vodka
  • Le Lamie
  • Angelo d’Uva Olio EVO
  • Ca’ Denza Olio
  • Nonna Lena
  • Quarta liquori
  • Furfante Rivera
  • Landrea
  • Tenuta Longhe
  • Talùa Monsellato
  • Cantele Rohesia
  • Forestaforte aromatizzati 100ml
  • Cinque Santi Olio EVO
  • Sale Nero Aliano
  • Donna Oleria Pasta
  • Camassi
  • Nausica
  • Rosso Messapia
  • Teresa Manara Ventesima Vendemmia
  • Cardone linea lusso
  • Gibò Olio Evo
  • Rudy
  • Carmerum
  • Terrasecca Line
  • Rosevo
  • Organic Line
  • Congedi 100 Grand Cru
  • Varius
    Varius Cantele
  • Congedi Gran Riserva
  • Olio Durante
  • Ebur
  • Pevero
  • Nottetempo 100 barrique
  • Molce
  • Argivo
  • Terramasca
  • Telero
  • Arché
  • Gustibus Alimentari
  • Classic Line
  • Tarantini Aner
  • Teresa Manara Vendemmia Tardiva
  • Donna Oleria Farine
  • Leone de Castris
  • Forestaforte jar
  • Tarantini Spumante extra dry
  • Le Passanti
  • Quarta
  • Danze della Contessa
  • Due Palme
  • Pastificio Cardone
  • Linea Cantele
  • Giannelli oil
  • Forestaforte Infused Oils
  • I Salentelli
  • Narthos
  • Parva Culpa
  • Somiero
  • Melarosa
  • Selvarossa
  • 1943
  • Merica
  • Fanoi
  • Rohesia
  • Five Roses Metodo Classico
  • Energy drink
  • Amativo
  • Donna Oleria
  • Due Palme
  • Durante
  • Gavio e Keres
  • Selvaoro
  • Cinque Santi
  • Feudi Mariani
  • Ziraia
  • Tessuto
  • Grappa Cantine Due Palme
  • Prosit
  • Serre
  • Alticelli
  • Falera Nausica Castillo
  • Young
  • Forestaforte
  • Solare
  • Rohesia Brut
  • Cosimo Varvaglione
  • Angelo D’Uva